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  Seeking Representation


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Currently seeking representation.


Comedy & Drama - 1:56

 Frankenstein: IAWP Marco Greakenthaus Directed by Jeff Leroy
 Speedwriting Greg McCarthey Directed by Michael Russnow
 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Lord Nathaniel Directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia
 Dracula's Sorority Sisters Murdock Directed by Jeff Leroy
 The Council Joy Directed by Beau McCombs
 Lizzie Borden's Revenge Bobby Baker / Lead Directed by Dennis Devine
 She Wants Me Nerdy Man / Supporting Directed by Rob Margolies
 Garbage Paparazzo / Supporting Directed by Phil Volken
 Don't Shoot the Angel Ray Coppola / Lead Directed by Max Li
 Alice in Nephernalia Micah Knightingsley / Supporting Directed by Amir "Speck" Habibi
 Love is Deaf Frank Waltz / Lead Directed by Troy Johnson
 Satan VHS Steve / Lead Directed by Amir "Speck" Habibi
 Mitzy Steven / Supporting Directed by Rachel Olson
 Meet Me in Space Jerry/Gerald Rocket / Lead Directed by Felicia Robles
 Wife Jonathan / Supporting Directed by Mark Pomerville
 In the Blink of an Eye Mouth / Supporting Directed by Matthew Eisenberg
 The Great Venice Robbery Photographer / Supporting Directed by Phil Volken
 Chain of Souls Lance / Supporting Directed by Steve Jarvis
 Bloodstream Sammy Barton / Supporting Directed by Dennis Devine
 Coitus of the Week Michael Fluffer Pilot - 2015
 Heavenly Kingdom Joey the Simple Swimmer Pilot - 2015
 In the Wind's Eye Ray Smith / Costar Iranian TV - Channel 1
 Just Desserts Barista Steve / Guest Star Pilot - 2008
 Small Bits of Happiness Thomas Nehauer / Costar Pilot - 2007
 Dharma & Greg Toby / Costar 20th Century Fox TV (ABC)
 Freaks and Geeks Humphries / Costar Dreamworks Television (NBC)
 Super Secret Service Michael / Guest Star Webseries (2012)
 Sky Woman Bruce / Recurring Webseries (2012)
 D Don't Date Creepy Richard / Seres Regular Webseries (2009-2010)
 Oh It's Those Guys Jeff / Seres Regular Webseries (2008)
 Turning Points Andrew Stone / Lead Chautauqua Festival, Santa Cruz
 Adout Face Subconscious / Lead Chautauqua Festival, Santa Cruz
 Vic & Peri Elvis / Supporting Chautauqua Festival, Santa Cruz
 Farewell to Manzanar Roosevelt / Lead Traveling Production
 Baba - Flight of the Monkey King Elder Brother / Lead UCSC Barn Theater, Santa Cruz
 By the Dawn's Early Light Lt. Higgens / Supporting UCSC Barn Theater, Santa Cruz
Bachelor of Arts in Theater University of California - Santa Cruz
Scene Study /
Cold Reading
Jamison Haase, Eugene Buica, Chris Thatcher, Amy Lyndon, Stan Roth,
David Rees Snell, Fran Montano, Philip Moon, Sarah Mornell, Carrie Dobro, Antonia Lianos,
Michael Arabian, Al Guarino, Lee Breuer, Marcia Taylor-Croft, Ursula Neuerberg
Meisner Technique Eugene Buica, Chris Thatcher, Fran Montano
Michael Chekhov Technique Eugene Buica, Chris Thatcher
Improvisation Lisa Fredrickson, Michelle Spears, David Nathan Schwartz, Floyd Van Brunswick,
Lauren Pritchrd
Commercial Technique Jon Smet, Jan Bina, Alexia Robinson
Movement Brenda Wong Aoki

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